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Tips for eating healthily while on vacation.
One of the things we look forward to most while on vacation is tasting all of the local cuisines of the place we're visiting. Each country has its signature dishes and we feel obligated to try all of them when traveling to new destinations. But if you're...
4 signs you need a mental health day.

Feeling Exhausted? Here are Signs It’s Time for a Mental Health Day

With everything that's been going on around us over the past year, it's normal to feel stressed. And now that many of...
Trendy Hairstyles

3 Dramatic Pinterest Hairstyles That You Should Try ASAP

Spring is only a few days away and what time is there to try new hairstyles. 2022 has already brought us many...
Biophilic Home Décor

Best Ways to Give Biophilic Home Décor Trend a Shot

2022 has already given us several pretty amazing home décor trends, and biophilic décor is one of the very best. It’s perfect...
Group DIY project

How to Have Fun Doing DIY Projects with Other People

DIY stands short for “do it yourself”, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy making something fun and useful with other people....

TikTok’s Best Food Winter Trends That You Have to Try ASAP

Winter is almost over, but some of the food trends that TikTok introduced us to this season are here to stay. From...
Jennifer Lopez and Maluma at the LA "Marry Me" premiere.

Jennifer Lopez is Wowing Us with Her Fashion Choices at “Marry Me” Press Tour

Jennifer Lopez reminded us that she’s the queen of rom-coms with her latest movie Marry Me, and a fashion tour for this...
Screenshot from "Encanto | Official Trailer"

“Encanto” Workouts Are the Next Big Thing in the Fitness World

Encanto became a huge hit for Disney since hitting the theatres, and people are still raving about its soundtrack months after it...