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Beauty products
It's not just grocery bags and plastic bottles that are producing huge amounts of plastic, our beauty and fashion products are also bad for the environment. Everyday items contain plastics and these are the ones you should look out for if you want to be more eco-friendly.
Clothing on a hanger

It’s Time to Finally Say Goodbye to Your “Skinny Clothes”

Are you one of those people who holds onto clothes even after they don't fit you? Some people have clothes sitting in...
Women doing yoga

Is a Women-Only Gym Right For You?

Are you super intimidated when you step foot in a gym? Perhaps, women-only gyms are what you need. Currently, they're trending on...
Natural beauty products. Feel good about using them.

What’s the Deal With Natural Beauty Products?

Over the past few years, we've become more into fashion and beauty products that are eco-friendly and that we can feel good...
Outside workouts

Working Out in the Heat? Here’s What You Need to Know

Once the temperatures start to rise, we love bringing our workouts outside. While there's nothing like feeling the sun on your skin...
Friends enjoying a picnic meal

How to Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle While Vacationing

Vacationing is a tricky time because how can you enjoy traveling while sticking to your healthy lifestyle? Well, it's tricky but possible....
Summer backyard party

4 Tips for Hosting a Backyard Party on a Budget

With Memorial Day Weekend and July 4 just around the corner, chances are you're going to be having a lot of summer...
Road trip tips

Tips for a Safer, Better Road Trip

Road trips can be fun and exciting with family and friends. It is carefree and liberating and an excellent way to make...