2D Comic Book Nails are Taking the World By Storm

Nail art
Image by elena1110/Depositphotos

If we had to pick the biggest nail art trend that we’re seeing everywhere this fall, 2D nails would definitely make the cut. If you want to have a trendy manicure that looks straight out of a comic book, here are the five best variations of this viral trend.

Make it Matte

Most 2D nails we’re seeing these days happen to be matte and that’s not a coincidence. The matte finish gives these nails a comic book feel and that’s the reason behind their popularity.

French + 2D

French manicure is never going out of style and whenever a new trend emerges, talented nail artists find a way to mix it up with this timeless classic.

Colorful Mess

2D nails are a pretty subtle trend because most people doing it opt for white, beige, and brown shades, but adding some color to the mix is also an option.

Ombre Trend

Ombre nails are all about painting each nail with the same color but in different shades. You can easily combine this style with 2D nails and get something amazing along the way.

Shine Bright

If matte styles simply aren’t your thing, and you want to make your nails glossy and fun, glitter will get you there.

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