Cook Up Some Magic This Summer With Pinterest’s Top Food Trends

Mango pudding
Photo by Nha Van on Unsplash

Our cravings tend to change with the seasons, and it’s always fun to discover some new foods when a new one arrives. If you’re in the mood to expand your palate this summer, we’re bringing you five food trends that are going stronger than ever on Pinterest

Just Add Avocados

Avocados have been trending for quite some time, but you should go beyond eating avocado toast this season and try everything from shakes and cream to fries made from avocados.

Sweet Taste of Mango

Mangos will be all the rage this summer, especially desserts that put a twist on the way you consume this fruit, such as mango floats, mango sago, and mango chia seed pudding.

Tea Party Season

If you still haven’t discovered the magic of drinking tea in the summer, get ready to host a Bridgerton-themed tea party, and serve such drinks as Persian tea, matcha milk tea, and strawberry ice tea.

Dinner Parties With a Theme

This summer will be all about hosting parties with an elaborate theme, with fairy dinner parties, Greek dinner parties, and coastal dinner parties experiencing a huge surge in searches on Pinterest.

Sourdough With a Twist

If summer heat can’t stop you from baking up some magic, get ready to experiment with sourdough this summer and make everything from tortillas to croutons.

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