3 Beauty Items to Avoid If You Want to Be Eco-Friendly

It’s not just grocery bags and plastic bottles that are producing huge amounts of plastic, our beauty and fashion products are also bad for the environment. Everyday items contain plastics and these are the ones you should look out for if you want to be more ecofriendly.


Many of our New Year’s and Christmas outfits had tons of glitter and sequin, but did you know sequins are harmful to the environment? Sequins used to be made from metal, but recently they are made out of PVC, which happens to be nonbiodegradable. Some companies are looking to change this by using recycled plastic to create sequins. If you can’t live without sequins opt for these options.

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Statement-Making Sequins! ✨

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Face Wipes

Every time we wipe our makeup off, we’re actually wreaking havoc on the environment. Face wipes are usually made from polyester and if you flush them in the toilet after you’re finished with them, they’ll end up on beaches and in oceans. Try using biodegradable ones or reusable cotton pads.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks contain nylon and polyester, which isn’t great for the environment, but their packaging also contains plastic and aluminum. If you must use sheet masks, switch to ones that are made from bamboo sheets or other biodegradable materials.

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