Gemini Hair is the Two-Dye Haircare Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere

Dyed hair
Photo by TI NGUYEN on Unsplash

2023 is bringing many amazing haircare trends our way and Gemini hair is emerging as one of the biggest hits. This beauty craze is all about going wild with your next dye job and dying your hair with two very distinctive colors instead of one.

Gemini hair is named after this impulsive zodiac sign because they’re known for their reckless and changeable nature. Since Geminis don’t have to choose and don’t mind sitting on two chairs at the same time, this hair trend invites you to embrace that same kind of energy and give multi-tone hair a shot.

Gemini hair is not a novelty that trend forecasters are making it out to be because it’s been around for quite some time, just under different names. We’ve seen a boom of black and white hairstyles following the release of Cruella in 2021 and a comeback of money piece hairstyles on TikTok, but what sets Gemini hair aside?

All these looks fall under the same umbrella, but Gemini hair is a much broader term. It goes beyond Cruella curls and includes everything from pink and lavender hair and blue and black dye combos, which will be especially trendy this year according to Pinterest. Long story short, this craze is all about expressing yourself and mixing natural colors with bright blues, purples, and pinks to really make an impact.

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