3 Reasons to Stay at a Hostel as a Solo Traveler

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Traveling solo is an empowering experience everyone should try at least once in a lifetime, but it has its downsides. Finding accommodation doesn’t come easy or cheap when you’re all on your own, but hostels are usually worth checking out when you’re flying solo.

Affordable Prices

The tricky thing about booking a hotel room or an Airbnb as a solo traveler is that you won’t have anyone to share expenses with. Hostels are the most affordable accommodation option on the market, especially if you stay in a shared dorm with other travelers.

Safety Factor

Traveling solo can feel scary, especially when you’re staying in an Airbnb all on your own. The great thing about hostels is that you’ll always have people around you, with both the staff and other travelers providing a sense of security in an unfamiliar place. As long as you book a hotel in a secure neighborhood and keep your belongings locked up, you should be safe and sound.

Social Environment

Another great thing about hostels is that you’ll never feel alone, even when you’re traveling without anyone by your side. Hostels offer common areas where you can meet other fellow travelers and some of them even organize events, tours, and pub crawls, making it easier to socialize and form new friendships that could last a lifetime.

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