Nikita Dragun’s Fabulous Make-up Line

Nikita Dragun is an inspiring woman who’s built her own make-up line from the ground up. She’s also a Youtube sensation who makes videos with her best friend, Bretman Rock. If you have Instagram, you can also keep up to date with her latest products for Dragun Beauty.

Here are a few reasons to purchase her make-up, whether you’re a make-up guru or you just love painting your face with glam looks.

Stunning Packaging

The packaging is stunning with this make-up line. We love the egg packaging that reveals the product inside – she hit a home run with this packaging, which reflects her vibe. The colors of the packaging and the concept is enough to make any make-up guru rush to the store to purchase their first batch of Dragun Beauty.

Looking Glamorous

Nikita Dragun’s line is for women (and men) looking for a fabulous look. Her color correcting concealer is perfect for hiding dark circles while focusing on balancing out your skin tone. Also, her transformation face powder is great for setting your foundation and concealer, giving it a flawless finish.


Dragun Beauty focuses on empowering everyone regardless of gender or color. There’s a product in this line for everyone, and you’ll feel totally glowing with Nikita’s fresh products. Her skin-perfecting potion product goes a long way without looking too greasy or built-up on the skin. Another pro about her products is that they aren’t too thick, so rest assured – your make up won’t melt away during the hot summer days.