Bizarre Bubble Milk Tea Flavors that Work

Image by HIROAKI KANEDA from Pixabay

Milk tea, boba, bubble tea – whatever you may call it, this Asian derived drink is a delicious treat.

Bubble tea sprang to life in Taiwan, in Taichung to be specific. The pearl milk tea became so loved by the locals, that it spread to Hong Kong and other neighboring Asian countries until it reached the West.

Milk tea is usually made with tapioca pearls, milk (or soy milk if you’re vegan) and a tea base of your choosing. Often times, syrup or sweeteners are added to enhance the flavors to make the tea even more desirable. Here are some kooky boba tea flavors that we found.

Milk Tea Float

Imagine a typical coke float – but with tapioca pearls and a spoonful of ice cream on top. For coke fans, this might not be bizarre but we’re awestruck by the creativity of this drink!

Taro Boba Tea with Egg Pudding

Egg pudding tastes delicious and these people have come up with a unique concoction. Taro doesn’t have such a sweet flavor, so the egg pudding balances it well.

Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

Milk tea with a chunk of crème brûlée on the surface? This drink is absolutely phenomenal. Now we’d like to order two glasses, please.