How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

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Christmas day may have been and gone but the holiday celebrations tend to drag on until the early weeks of January. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with all the people you need to see and all the things you need to do, take on board these five tips for reducing stress and taking care of your own mental wellbeing.

Spend One-on-one Time

If you find yourself flitting between gatherings, don’t forget to take time to be with the people who matter the most. Take a couple of hours out of your afternoon to call your best friend or watch a movie with mom.

Spread It Out

If you are feeling the Christmas/New Year’s pressure, remember that all the fun and magic does not have to be condensed into one or two days. Spread out the festive activities across the next couple of weeks and soak up as much of the magic as you can.

Share The Prep

If you are stressing about hosting, delegate some tasks. Ask your guests to help with the preparation by bringing a dish. It will take the pressure off and your guests will be happy to help.

Don’t Forget Yourself

Over the Christmas period, we tend to create a list of all the people we need to spend time with and show them we care. Make sure you include yourself on this list. You need looking after and treating too.

Keep It Simple

Finally, keep things simple. Relax your schedule, don’t go overboard with the decorations and embrace simplicity. Christmas is about the people you love so don’t feel pressured into scheduling an extravagant season of activities.

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