Genius Ways to Use Old Tea Bags

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The old tea bags you have after you finish your tea can be used for so many things. They can be of great help in your beauty routine, for the garden, your home and so much more. Check out the most genius ways you can use old tea bags.

Treat Puffy Eyes

Forget about cucumbers, tea bags are the new thing for puffy eyes. If this area of your face looks tired and swollen, you can easily deal with it. Soak the bags in warm water and place them on your lids. You’ll see the difference after 20 minutes.

Soft Feet

Prepare a bath for your feet with old tea bags. Place them in warm water and soak the feet for a while. This is very helpful for hydrating the skin, eliminating bad smell and so much more. Instead of paying a lot to visit the beautician, you can simply turn to tea bags.

Polish Wood Surfaces

This is definitely one of the most genius uses of these bags. Soak a few of them in warm water and leave them in until you get a weaker tea. Grab your rags, and soak them in. Start wiping wood surfaces to see the difference.