Low-Maintenance (But Pretty) Houseplants

If you love plants, but you are super-busy to take care of it, there is still a way to decorate your home. The houseplants below are so low-maintenance that you won’t even know you have them. They are all pretty and will perfectly fit in your modern space.

Snake Plant

The snake plant looks amazing and it doesn’t require too much attention. Feel free to water it every two weeks. This is one of the best houseplants for people who are always traveling and on the go.


The anthurium is proven to be one of the most efficient indoor plants because it has a powerful ability to clean the air with a more intense rate. You can leave it in every room that has an indirect lighting.

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This is one of the least-demanding houseplants you’ll ever have. It requires to be watered once every two or three weeks. Plus, another huge benefit of having an aloe plant is the fact that you can use the actual aloe gel from the leaves.

African Violets

These are definitely among the prettiest houseplants you’ll ever have. The best thing is that you don’t have to water them and take care of them every single day. The African Violets will still look amazing.