Packing Tips if You Want to Travel Lightly

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Packing for a business trip or holiday can be exhausting. All travelers prefer to pack lightly, but this is a herculean task. If you succeed, you’ll save a lot of time waiting for extra luggage, eliminating baggage fees as well as using public transport without an extra bag to weigh you down. Some tips include:

Get rid of half

Pack all you need and get rid of half of it. Those items you plan to use for emergencies, and spare clothes should be the first to go. It is unlikely that anyone will see you more than once, so you can repeat your outfits.

Roll, don’t fold

Toll clothes for compression as this save space in the bag and reduce creasing. It allows you to place underwear, pajamas, bathers and workout clothes in the hidden areas of the box.

Reduce footwear

Shoes take up too much space, so reduce the number. You need just three pairs; one for running, another for an outing and a sandal.

Bring disposable clothes

If you plan to go shopping for new clothes, pack old clothes that can be disposed on arrival.

Don’t pack too many electronic devices

You can get an international adapter to charge your devices. You may also need a power board if you intend to charge several devices simultaneously.

Get tiny cosmetic bottles

Conditioner and shampoo can occupy a lot of space and is quite heavy. This is a disadvantage for a light traveler. Opt for smaller cosmetic bottles and fill them up with shampoo.

Get a travel wallet

If you don’t want to carry an extra bag, get a travel wallet to hold your boarding pass, passport, cash and credit card.