Home Remedies to Fight Tummy Issues

Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Constipation is caused by different factors from medicines to lack of fiber consumption to improper sleep and lack of exercise. It also affects everyone differently. This is why you need to study your body to know what works for you. You can fight constipation by following these tips:

Drink Water

Water helps clear the digestive system, and this reduces constipation, when you take up to ten glasses of water daily, you will prevent and cure constipation. Water also helps relieve bowel movements.

Stay active

Sitting idle after eating can cause indigestion, and this leads to constipation. Food is accumulated in the intestine without being digested, and it can be very uncomfortable. Stay active and exercise at least thrice a week to boost your metabolism.

Stay away from fast food

Most fast foods such as chips, French fries, doughnuts, burgers, sausages and white bread are tasty but are unhealthy because they are mainly carbs. They do not digest easily, and this can cause constipation as well.

Incorporate more fiber into your diet

The best food to combat constipation is a fiber-filled diet. Some good sources of fiber include vegetables and fruits. They make food digest faster and smoother bowel movements. Some other healthy fiber sources include whole grain bread and cereals. You should stay away from unhealthy fibers because they bulk up your stool and slow digestion down.