Common Blow-Drying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Blow-drying your hair seems like a simple task. All you need to do is put on the blow dryer and dry your hair. However, it is much more than this. You need to follow some steps to ensure that you’re doing it properly. You should avoid these mistakes:

Skipping the styling lotion

For a perfect blow out, you need a good styling product. Use a volumizer spray to add body to limp hair. If you have a thick hair, then a leave-in conditioner will come in handy.

Blow-drying wet hair

Wet hair takes more time to dry. You need to clean the hair with a towel or air-dry. You’ll get a better result this way, and you won’t waste time.

Using an old and outdated hair dryer

If you need great results, you must use a good ionic blow dryer. It will dry your hair faster and is definitely worth investing in. You’ll also get value for your money because the dryer will last for a long time.

Drying the hair without sectioning it

You should always section your hair unless your hair texture is super fine and dries quickly. It opens up the hair, and this makes it dry faster. It also comes in handy for styling hair smoothly.


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