No-coupon Ways to Save on your Grocery Bill

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Buy the store’s own brand

Store brands are usually identical to name-brand products, so it’s pointless to buy more just to get a brand-name product. Buy generic and you save without sacrificing quality.

Compare price by weight

When checking for the best price on an item, compare products in terms of their price per ounce. Bigger packages do not necessarily mean more product. Also, buying in bulk doesn’t always save you money. Always compare the price per ounce.

Shop the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store isn’t always cheaper than other stores, but they sometimes have some great bargains. Items with a long shelf life such as canned items are often cheaper here. Keep a lookout for deals.

Shop the sales

If you keep close tabs on prices, you will save money by buying groceries when the prices are low. Stores tend to place items on sale every few weeks, so keep an eye out for your favorite products at lower prices.