5 Tips For Being Eco-Friendly While Exercising

Using metal straws with your drinks, asking for no plastic silverware with your carry-out orders, carrying reusable bags or water bottles—there are a few of the many ways to cut down on your carbon footprint. But, how can you be more environmentally friendly when working out? It turns out there are ways to stay in shape while being eco-friendly and here’s how.

Make Your Commute Your Workout

Did you know that 1/3 of American air pollution is caused by vehicles? The average commute to work is 15 miles each way and you can get in amazing shape by biking to work. If this seems too challenging, try combining public transport with biking or walking.

Walk, Run, or Bike to the Gym

Ditch your car and walk, run, or bike to the gym. You probably live close enough where this is possible, and you’ll be getting a great warm-up along the way!

Skip the Gym

Add some variety to your workout by doing at home fitness videos or working out in the park. There are great bodyweight workouts that don’t require any equipment and you can reconnect with nature.

Reduce or Reuse

It’s important to stay hydrated and it’s easier if you carry around a reusable water bottle. Other ways to reduce include using fewer towels and only washing your clothes when you have a full load of laundry.

Shorter Showers

When showering, try to be conservative with the amount of water you’re using. When you shower at the gym, remember to bring your own grooming supplies to cut down on plastic.

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