These Tips Will Help You Learn How to Walk in Heels

We’ve finally reached a time when heels are absolutely optional, even if you work in a field that used to require a business suit paired with heels until only a decade ago. And even though you can get through life without ever having to wear them, heels bring a dose of elegance and power that no woman can resist, at least on special occasions. If you want to master the skill of walking in heels, here are our best tips.

Heel to Toe

If you’re annoyed about looking ungraceful in heels, you’re probably walking wrong. Instead of putting your whole foot down like you would in flats, you need to practice putting your heel down first, then your toe. This will make the walk easier and better-looking.

Small Steps

You can’t expect to keep the same pace in heels compared to wearing flats or sneakers. Your steps should be smaller, so don’t wear heels if you’re running late!

Right Fit

There’s nothing worse than walking in heels that don’t fit you right. Always try on the shoes before purchasing them and make sure they fit your feet regardless of the size you usually wear.

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