6 Things You Should Always Pack in Your Carry-On

Packing for vacations is stressful enough before you even have to consider the TSA rules and the possibility of your luggage getting lost or stolen. We never know what we should pack in our carry-on in case we get stuck in these unfortunate situations. Here are the five things you should always pack in your carry-on.

Daily Meds

Medications are something you need and if they’re prescription medications and they get lost, you’ll have a really hard time getting a refill at your destination, especially if it’s in another country. To avoid these situations, pack any prescription and over-the-counter meds in your carry-on.

Phone Charger

It’s important that your phone charger is handy in case your phone runs out of battery while you’re on the airplane. You may need emails for confirmation or maps to help you get to your hotel.


This should go without saying, but make sure you have your wallet, passport, and flight tickets in your carry-on.


Any expensive items like jewelry, cameras, or laptops should be kept close by at all times, to avoid the possibility of them getting stolen.

Extra Set Clothes

Keeping an extra set of clothes, especially underwear, is important for being able to freshen up post-flight and in the chance of your luggage getting lost.


Airplanes are dirty and after sitting in the same spot for a while, it’s easy to feel grimy. Always bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial wipes so you can freshen up.

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