These Snacks Will Help You Avoid a Sugar Crash

Snacking between meals is pretty much inevitable, but there’s a healthy way to snack. Snacks should have a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, which will keep your blood sugar stable. While low-fat or non-fat snacks are preferred by many dieters, they usually contain artificial sweeteners that aren’t healthy. Also, reaching for a piece of fruit may seem like a good idea, but fruit is low in calories which will only make you hungrier sooner. These are some snacks that are healthier alternatives and they won’t give you a sugar crash.


These bite-size nuts are one of the highest nuts in protein – there are six grams per serving (a quarter of a cup without the shells). Not only will you feel full longer, but they also pair great with dark chocolate, cheese, or fruits.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great snack because it’s high in protein and low in sugar. Look out for brands that are made with all-natural ingredients. Complete the snack by adding some fresh fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate chips.


When choosing crackersת be sure to read the label to see what the ingredients are. If it’s possible, buy ones that have wheat bran and oat bran which contain more fiber. Top off the crackers with avocado, cheese, smoked salmon, or almond butter.

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