There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Now Travel Tuesday

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Travel Tuesday is a relatively new concept, it’s been around for two years, and it occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The purpose of Travel Tuesday is to give travel deals that can’t be beaten at any other time of year. Are the deals any better than a normal day or is Travel Tuesday just a way to get us to spend more money?

Robert Schindler, a professor of marketing at Rutgers School of Business Camden told Vox that “the key to sales is that people think they’re getting something.” With the urgency in purchasing tickets on that day, we are unable to comparison shop, and we don’t always know how good of a deal we’re actually receiving.

How Can You Take Advantage of Travel Tuesday?

You should only look for deals with a trip that you have already been planning on taking and if there aren’t any deals available you should end your search there. Do your research prior to Travel Tuesday, so you have an idea about how much the flights cost ahead of time. Tuesday also happens to be a cheaper day to book tickets, so keep that in mind.

Are the Deals Better Than Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

This depends on if you’re planning on traveling internationally or domestically. In general, for domestic flights the travel prices on Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday tend to be cheaper than they are on Black Friday. For international flights, booking on Travel Tuesday is actually more expensive than booking on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.