The “Bikini Body” is a Myth & You Shouldn’t Aim for it This Summer

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It’s that time of the year when we’re being bombarded with the terms “bikini body” and “beach body” everywhere we turn, but it’s about time we left them behind. Striving for the perfect “summer body” is doing you more harm than good, and here are a few reasons why we should leave this unrealistic beauty standard behind.

Unattainable Beauty Standard

“Bikini bodies” that you see in ads and on social media are often unattainable for the majority of people. Comparing yourself to celebrities and models will only lead to poor body image and self-esteem issues, so try to focus on accepting and celebrating your body as it is instead of striving for an unrealistic ideal.

Looks Over Health?

Trying to achieve a “bikini body” is all fun and games until you end up putting your health on the line. Many people tend to embrace fad diets and intense fitness routines once summer arrives in an attempt to quickly lose weight. This isn’t an effective long-term strategy, and it can put your physical and mental health in jeopardy.

Embrace Your Flaws

Cellulite, body hair, stretch marks, scars, and blemishes are all natural parts of life, and you shouldn’t go the extra mile to hide them. Embrace your flaws because they’re signs of everything your body went through, and you should be proud of them instead of hiding them.

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