Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Small bedrooms are difficult to decorate. Storage may also be a challenge. This article will provide some smart ideas on how to store everything from jewelry, shoes and more.

Try out multiple storage types

Different storage types help maximize flexibility. It also allows you to take advantage of all the hidden spaces in the bedroom. Consider this: a nightstand offers open and closed storage and surface area. A head height open shelf can contain some items in a box while a basket offers portability for other small items.

Reduce your furniture

Anything besides the bed should be reduced in smaller bedrooms. This included tables. Find pieces that allow you to have multiple options. Some include an open shelf and a drawer. Smart furniture is better than large furniture.

Clean the floor

This visual trick is perfect for small spaces. It adds storage in so many ways. You can store cubbies on the wall while enclosing all except daily use items in some decorative boxes. If you want more storage space, mix some different size storage cubes. Also, wall mounted storages clear floor spaces and make the room appear bigger.

Display your favorites

You don’t need to hide your beautiful pieces because of lack of storage space. You can create a space to display them in the open. For instance, use a simple frame to hang your necklaces and earrings.