Stop Asking for “Smoky Eyes,” You’re Much Better Than That!

Image by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Makeup artists all over the world have many different opinions about beauty. The more seasoned ones can usually tell immediately what look will be best for their clients just by looking at them. When you come in, they would assess you by looking at your whole attire, from your hair to your shoes.

They know who uses makeup and beauty products regularly and they know those who don’t. It’s quite impossible to hide because it’s their business and their job to know.

So when you go to a salon to have your makeup done and you’re faced with a makeup artist, don’t just ask for smokey eyes or something trendy that you don’t really want. It’s best to just talk to your makeup artist honestly and say what you feel or like.

A lot of women say they want smokey eyes but really, this look doesn’t suit everyone. Then, by the end of the session, you’ll end up looking too sultry for the event you’re planning to attend.

In cases like this, women learn the hard way. They ask for the smokey eye but when they get it, they find out that the look just doesn’t work. For a better look, communicate with your makeup artist and ask for their opinion. It’s better to do this than just ask for a certain look which might not end up looking good on you.