Seniors, Make Your Closet Safer and More Organized With These Custom Closet Designs

Throughout our lives, our closet organization changes and how we organize our closet becomes important. As you get older your joints become achy and you may have mobility issues or trouble balancing, which makes it harder to reach shelves and bend down for items. If your closet is poorly lit, is overcrowded, or has limited walking space, it can pose a health risk to you and it can cause serious injuries. You also want to comfortably be able to rummage through your closet without having things fall on you or tripping over items.

Navigating your closet can be frustrating, especially if you have mobility issues, but by taking these steps, you can make it easier for yourself. If you’re a senior or are taking care of someone who’s getting older, you need to design a custom closet that’s useful and safer by taking advantage of technology, lighting, built-in units, and storage features. Here’s how to go about designing your custom closet.

Image via londondeposit/depositphotos

Use Technology

Technology can make your closet safer and more space effective. Installing a motion sensor to control the main overhead lighting, means you won’t have to enter your closet in the dark and the light will always be turned off after you leave because we know how easy it is to forget to turn off the switch. In addition to motion sensors, remote-controlled elements for storing items like customized automated systems that rotate clothes, make it so you won’t have to reach for items. If you want to save space, adding rods that can be raised or lowered and installing drawers or shelves that slide in and out with the push of a button can be helpful.

Good Lighting

All closets need good lighting, but when you get older it also helps keep you safe. Try and avoid standing lamps because they pose a tripping hazard. Instead, opt for overhead lights, which will provide light even for corners and the rear of the closet. For extra convenience, make sure you have light switches inside and outside the closet.

Built-In Units

Unsecured, loose, or stand-alone shelves shouldn’t be part of your closet as they’re usually the first thing you’ll grab when you lose your balance and if they fall or collapse, they can cause injuries. Install a built-in system by a custom closet company for safety and ease of use.

Keep Things Within Reach

It’s easy to overstuff closets by using all the overhead and floor space, but reaching for these items can cause mobility issues, aching joints, and trouble balancing. Instead, keep everything within reach at a comfortable standing or sitting position.

Resting Space

If your suffering from joint or muscle pain, getting ready in the morning is especially difficult. That’s why you should include a spot in your closet for a chair or bench, where you can sit down comfortably and rest while getting changed. For extra safety, install hand grips around the seating area.

Sliding Doors

Doors make for extra storage, but they limit the space for moving around. By using sliding doors or no doors instead of swinging doors, you can maximize your space and have more room to move around in your closet.

Slide-Out Storage Features

Slide-out storage features should be used in your closet if your mobility is limited. They’re great for storing accessories like belts, ties, scarves, shoes, bras, etc. Since the racks are on rollers, you won’t have to reach into shelves, which keeps you from bending down and you can pull the rack out to bring your accessories to you. You can even install, slide-out laundry hampers that have detachable bags, which make gathering your laundry easier.


You may notice that there are things in your closet that are well over 20-years-old, and to make your closet more manageable, you need to organize and declutter it. Some tips include labeling storage areas for quick identification, making sure your important documents are stored together, clearing the clutter from the entryway, donating items you don’t need, and letting go of mementos. Organizing your closet it a big task, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family or friend.