Colored Your Hair? Should You Be Using Purple or Blue Shampoo?

Have your recently colored your hair and you can’t seem to remember which shampoo your hairdresser told you to use. Was it blue or purple shampoo? Color shampoos can increase the time between salon visits, but using the right one is important. So, which shampoo should you use?

These shampoos relate back to basic color theory that suggests the colors that are closer to each other work well together and the ones that are opposite from each other don’t work as well together. Blue and purple are opposites of orange and yellow and applying purple shampoo will neutralize yellow undertones in your hair and blue shampoos will neutralize orange undertones.

This means that brunettes should be using blue shampoos and blondes or people with silver or gray hair should use purple ones. Your hair will look fresher for longer with the tone-correcting pigments.

For blondes, our favorite purple shampoos are Pravana the Perfect Blonde, TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde, and Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights. Matrix Total Results Brass off Blue, Oligo Professional Blacklight Blue, and Joico Color Balance Blue are our picks for brunettes.