Reduce Noise Through Home Design

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

Noise can be both harmful and frustrating in the home. In the long term, it can affect your hearing as well as your peace of mind. Here are some simple design tricks that help reduce noise:

Cover surfaces

Cover hard surfaces to conceal noise or fill up empty spaces. A good ideal is the area rug. You can opt for a hand-woven, a subtly patterned rug for a charming touch. For ecofriendly options, consider Jute rugs or carpet tiles. They can be really useful in hiding noise coming from someone downstairs.

Décor and soundproofing

The structure of the house, door insulation, window and wall determine how much noise you will endure. If you don’t have the patience to start an insulation project, you can do weather stripping. Decorative curtains and drapes can help reduce noise as well. Pick a style that suits your taste. Some ideas include a soft classic curtain or a Venetian blind.

Divide your space

If you live in an open space, make an effort to divide it into smaller areas. Hang curtains that can stretch across the living room. Large plants can also be used to separate rooms in the house.

Aim for energy efficiency

Home appliances can also play a role in producing more noise than usual. Energy efficient devices run quieter and also helps you sleep better.


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