How to Style a Headband

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Wearing one headband can make you look sporty and chic. However, some bands can be too tight on the head. Some women experience more pressure around the temples or above the ear. This pain can be prevented if you avoid molded headbands. You can also opt for headbands that alleviate the pressure.

Items you will need:
Metal headband
Rubber headband
Fleece or felt pieces
Elastic headband
Hot glue gun
Scarf headband
Bobby pins

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Start by sliding on a rubber head band. The rubber holds the hair and keeps it in place. This doesn’t cause any tension to the head. Such headbands have different shapes and patterns such as flowers and zigzags.
  • Stretch the metal headbands. Do this by grasping both sizes before pulling on them lightly. Don’t stretch the metal too far. Avoid stretching plastic headbands as well because they will snap.
  • Using fleece pads or hot glue on the inside tips of a headband can offset the contact pain.
  • Pull elastic headbands around the head to prevent stray hair from coming out. Set the elastic about two inches f the forehead. Pin the accessory firmly into place. The pins keep it from moving around.
  • Use a stylish scarf style band. Place the scarf at the head’s base and adjust its tie for comfort.


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