Nutribullet: The Blender for all Your Blending Needs

If you’re a big fan of making quick breakfasts, and you’re not that high maintenance about it – then getting a Nutribullet is an absolute essential.

This appliance is a must in the kitchen for creating savory sauces, dips, creams and even for pulverizing nuts. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth, since it comes with multiple accessories: extractor blades, short cups, tall cups and even a lid to bring it on the go.

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What’re you gonna blend in your Blender Combo?

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If you’re not convinced yet on why you need one, then read on to find out why this is a must for kitchen lovers.

Smoothie on the Go

The best feature of this blender is that right after you use it, you won’t need to transfer it to a portable container or mug. All you simply need to do is to look for the cap to place on top and bring it wherever you go. It’s easy to clean and fuss-free and best part of all – it’s dishwasher friendly!

Frozen Smoothie Bowls

Another great feature of the Nutribullet is that it blends ice and frozen fruits and turns it into a creamy texture. Acai bowls anyone?

Get Creative

With Nutribullet, there are so many ways to be creative. You can even blend berries and turn them into supercharged fruit cubes to pop into your morning smoothie. Add a teaspoon of maca for some added adaptogen energy.