Constellation Earrings are An Ear Accessory Trend

The constellation earring trend is popping up all over social media, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. This ear accessory trend is more than putting together a few key pieces of accessories, it’s about creating a universe in your ear.

Though, it’s important not to just pile everything in one place. Consult with your piercer to make sure you’re getting the look you want. Here are a few inspiring looks to help you decide on your next ear piercing.

Keep it Simple

The best kind of constellation ear piercings are the ones that aren’t overwhelming and say little without overaccessorizing. We’re loving this simple triple helix piercing and hoop rook look. The lobe piercings at the bottom are gentle and this girl has impeccable style.

Hoops Galore

Studs are so yesterday and hoops are in! Stack them up as high as you can and reflect on a rook for a classic look.

Lobe It Up

Lobe piercings don’t have to be side by side. There are endless possibilities of lobe piercings and we’re digging this style with the intricate lower lobe diamond set. With a small ball stud at the top – this is certainly a unique look that was chosen with intention.