The Many Uses and Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The best kinds of products are the ones that can be used in multiple ways. If you could have one product that you can use for washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor and even cleaning the dirtiest places in your home – you’ve got a winner!

Apple cider vinegar is derived from fermented apple juice and typically used for making dishes. It can help add a sour taste to a dressing sauce or even make a dish more savory. But what if you could use it for other purposes like for skincare? Read on to see how this multi-purpose liquid can be used for many purposes.

Mix it In Tea or Lemon Water

The organic apple cider vinegar particles contain proteins and enzymes which are great for your gut. Even though the appearance of it looks a little strange at first, these little guys are responsible for loading your body with potassium. Mix a little teaspoon into your morning tea with a dash of honey for a nutritious drink.

Makeup Hack

Did you know you could remove nail polish with apple cider vinegar?

Face Mask Time

Apple Cider Vinegar is great for your skin and helps to remove impurities. The best recipe for apple cider vinegar is to incorporate it into your clay mask routine with a bit of water and essential oil for glowing skin. It’s also great for sensitive skin – just mix it with water.