Maximalism is the Hottest Fall Interior Trend

Image via montpellierns/Instagram

Maximalism aka “more is more” is the new hot home decor trend for fall. If you are interested in arranging your home in this style, keep on reading.

The main characteristic of maximalism is that the saying “less is more” is not acceptable. This fall’s major trend requires mixing and matching everything you collected through your entire life and enjoying your belongings. Picture frames, big or small busts, colorful pillows will make up a mosaic that will represent your lifestyle.

However, even though minimalist is out, and “more is more” is in, it is still important not to overdo your decorating. You still want to move freely in your house, right?

You could try decorating one room and if you like it, you can slowly take over the entire house, even the bathrooms can be done in maximalism.

Where to start, you may ask? Well, try adding colorful wallpapers, because no plain walls are allowed. The year’s biggest interior trend requires all your imagination and creativity. Focus on colors, patterns, and textures. Bring into your home a few colorful cushions to begin with.

Check out these beautifully decorated rooms, maybe an idea or two will come to your mind.