How to house-train a new puppy

Photo by Mia Phoy on Unsplash

The addition of a new puppy to the household is a wonderful event. They bring heaps of joy, laughs and unfortunately, a fair amount of mess. This can be relatively easily subverted by training your puppy well from day one.

These tips will help in the creation of a harmonious human/doggo household.

Timing is important

A new puppy cannot be shouted at hours after the incident. They need to be caught either midstream or a few seconds after the deed.

If they are caught doing their business in the correct place, then make sure this deed does not go unrewarded. Positive reinforcement will work wonders in this regard.

Realise that puppies go to the bathroom more than older dogs. These small dogs get fed more often and therefore they will need the bathroom more. Be mindful of this fact and ensure that enough bathroom time is set aside for the pup.

Steps to smooth the process along

  1. Make an eating and bathroom schedule and stick to it

2. Pick a spot

3. Keep them on a leash so that they don’t get distracted

4. Give it a name or cue word

5. Keep an eye out for the sniffing and squatting, these are clear warning signs that an accident is on its way

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