10 ways to store things with limited space

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These storage tips will help one use the available space to its full advantage.

Art doubling as storage

Wall prints can double as attractive yet useful jewelry hangers.

Coffee tables

Having a coffee table with drawers or shelves will take care of the living room paraphernalia.

Week 12 out of 15 and we are nearing the end. This week we are focusing on the toy area or "areas" because we seem to have a few around my house. When I tuck the kids into bed at night, come downstairs and take a deep balloween breath because the house is quiet and content, I do not want to step on or see any toys. The best way to hide toys in your main living space is by using decorative fabric bins or crates. I cannot tell you how much I love my coffee table. Ever wonder what's in it? One side I have sorted with building gadgets and mics toys and the other side is puzzles and train sets. Out of site, out of mind! #organizedstylebyrobyn #organizedstyle #2016abfolchallenge #coffeetablestorage #livingroom #organize #organizedtoys

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These can come particularly in handy in the kitchen. They can house everything from appliances to crockery.

Dresser for shoes

If said dresser has pull-out drawers, then it can prove to be a stylish solution to the shoe problem.

Small tables

A tiny table can hold anything that will fit onto it, but it will do it in a nifty way.

Batea S, tray table and Batea L, coffee table with storage space!

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Here limited space is given two functions.

The bed

That space under the bed can prove to be the perfect spot for storage given a few well-placed pull-out drawers.

Makeshift closets

If this addition is given a lovely coat of paint, it could increase closet space and act as a colorful room divider.

Floating cabinets

These are incredibly efficient storage solutions that are also attractive.

The fireplace

Provided it is not working, it can be a lovely place to store books, magazines and the like.


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