How to cut your grocery bill

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

To cut your grocery bill, try doing more food preparation yourself. Instead of buying processed, pre-packaged ingredients, take a DIY approach. You’ll be responsible for less packaging, which is a benefit for the environment. Read on for some clever budget ideas.

Sliced mushrooms

It turns out that you can save around 50 cents per pound of mushrooms if you slice them yourself. It might be super-convenient to buy them pre-sliced, but it’s a waste of money. Whole mushrooms also last longer in the fridge than sliced ones.

Hash browns

Potatoes are the frugal cook’s best friend. They’re cheap and incredibly versatile, as well as being healthy in moderation. If you like hash browns, take note that you can save over a Dollar per pound if you shred your own potatoes. It takes so little time, so it’s worth the effort.


You might already know how expensive pre-washed and bagged lettuce is, so it might shock you to realize that you can save a whopping $3.50 per pound if you buy a whole lettuce and wash it yourself. That’s a big saving on something that takes a couple of minutes to prepare yourself.