How to Choose a Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Choosing a foundation for your skin tone can be difficult. Many makeup products also make it more confusing. You need to consider finish, coverage, texture, and formula before picking one that suits your skin tone.

Skin undertones

Do not go against your skin’s undertones unless you intend to color correct. If your complexion is warm, you need a foundation shade with yellow undertones. A cooler complexion goes with a pink undertone foundation.

Test the shade

Most people test their foundation with their forearms, but this won’t give accurate results. The forearm skin is darker than your face naturally. It is better to apply the shade to your chest for more accurate results.

Know your needs

What coverage do you need? Medium, or full coverage? If you are not a makeup freak, you may feel the full-coverage foundation is too heavy. Knowing which type you need will help you decide on the best for your skin.

Skin type

Is your skin dewy or matte? You should know which category you fall into. Your skin type determines which finish works for you.

Remember that shades change

Each season requires a different foundation. One doesn’t do the trick all through the year. The skin normally warms up during summer because of the sunlight. So a warmer shade will be a better option during that season.