DIY T-Shirt Recycling You’ll Actually Be Able To Do

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Recycling is the new fashion standard. What better way than to take an old t-shirt and make it beautiful again? These easy peasy DIY’s will have you cutting up your clothes and making cute accessories.

Braided Hair Tie

Hair ties pull out chunks of your hair when trying to get them out. That’s why we created the perfect hair tie.



*T-shirt (stretchier the better!)

*A stick or large marker


  1. Lie the t-shirt flat on the ground. Cut off the bottom seam and with the remaining material cut two strips about one inch wide.
  2. Cut off all seems and stretch out the strips
  3. Gather four strips and put them on top of each other behind the stick.
  4. Braid all four strips together and pull tight.
  5. Stop when you have two inches left.
  6. Tie the ends into a loose knot.
  7. Remove stick and slip knot through the hole where the stick was.

Funky Headband

Easy to wear and fun to make, what more could a girl ask for?


*One old t-shirt

*Gold Paint




  1. Cut a four to five-inch strip from an old white t-shirt.
  2. Using the eraser end of a pencil, dip it in gold paint and make polka dots on the strip.
  3. Flip the strip inside out. Twist the headband twice. Then, bring the ends together to make the perfect headband!


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