“Caramel Drizzle” Is The Dreamy New Brunette Color Trend

Just when it seems that every hair color under the sun has been thought up, another hair trend drops. When it comes to brunette hair, there are already tonnes of stylish ways to play around with warm and cool tones and just when we thought we’d seen it all “#carameldrizzle” arrives.

The new caramel drizzle hair trend is every bit as delicious as it is in your Starbucks order. It mixes warm and cool tones to create a rich color inspired by your favorite salted caramel mocha.

Arizona-based colorist, Liz Cook shared on Instagram: “Salted caramel mocha throwback to this gorgeous color- done this past spring. Bring on all of the fall colors and trends! You’re going to see tons of gingers, brunettes, caramels, and deep-rooted blondes This season, the richer the tone, the better. The richness in color means more saturation and depth in the tone. Mixing both warm and cool tones are what helps to achieve this balance in richness and depth.”

If you are looking for a way to mix up your brunette locks, consider “caramel drizzle” as the delicious twist to your fall hair.