These Disney Villain Costumes Are Perfect For Halloween

If you haven’t yet decided on what to wear for your Halloween party this month, look no further. These Disney villain makeup ideas are perfect for a fun and spicy spooky costume.

Cruella Devil

Cruella Devil is without a doubt the sauciest Halloween villain. She is a Disney style icon and there are endless ways to recreate the classic Cruella look.


Ursula is the sassy and vengeful villain of The Little Mermaid. We’re loving this purple, underwater colored makeup with scary eyebrows and a bright red lip.


Maleficent is fabulously fierce. Her signature horned hat is the bare minimum you need. After that, it’s up to you how bold you go with big black lashes and a devilish smokey eye.

Queen of Hearts

This Queen of Hearts costume is a little more gory than cute. If you want to go full-on-scary this Halloween, @hannahmakeup is a good account to follow.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is another extremely iconic Disney villain. If you have ever wanted to channel your inner pirate, this is your chance.

Cruella Devil

This second take on Cruella Devil is far more focused on the makeup. The cartoonish contouring and doll-like eyes are sure to make a statement.


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