5 Tips For Speed Cleaning

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Cleaning is a torture all of us have to endure. Usually, it can take several hours to accomplish, but it doesn’t have to! With these tips, you can make a grueling session a fast and painless one.

Keep your supplies in one place

Half of your cleaning time usually gets spent looking for supplies. By having a designated supply closet, you will be able to start the process in mere seconds.

Listen to music

Your favorite music can really put you in a good mood and enhance your speed and determination. Such a pump-up is most desired when you have to clean a lot.


Begin in the least favorite room

The room which is the biggest and most annoying should be your start. By finishing it off, you will be able to get more motivation while cleaning the easier ones.

Be dedicated

Don’t clean just to say you cleaned. Make sure you are dedicated enough so that you remove every speck of untidiness while you clean. Don’t half-ass it!

Clean on the run

Whenever you spill something or make a mess, don’t save it off for your next cleaning session. That way, you will have a lot more work to take care of.