5 Tips For Adding Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Deciding to lead a healthy lifestyle is easy, but actually finding the time in your busy schedule to exercise is difficult. Making time for working out is important and there are ways to incorporate it into your daily life no matter how hectic your day is. Here are some ways to make exercise a priority.

Look Into Your Routine

While it’s possible that you’re really busy and finding time for exercising seems impossible, there are parts of your day that are free. Perhaps you spend a lot of time scrolling social media sites or watching television. Instead, use the time to exercise. Even dedicating 30 minutes three times a week is a great starting point.

Make a Plan

By planning your workout in advance, you’ll be making the most out of your time at the gym. You can also join a group fitness class that usually runs for about an hour.

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If you are unsure or if you are short on time make sure to do the big four _ There are lots you could add to this list of four, but these are the four I’ve stuck to over the years and have helped lots of my clients _ 1️⃣Squats are awesome. They don’t have to be back squats. They can be goblet, bodyweight, box, single leg, and any variation _ 2️⃣Deadlifts are The Godfather of exercises. You will use every muscle in your body. You can do kettlebell, barbell, single RDL, and many other variations 3️⃣Lunges. We take steps everyday and with each step we are lunging. Now, I know it’s not deep lunging but we are transferring weight from one leg to the other. You can Bulgarian lunges, walking lunges, lateral lunges, and lots of variations 4️⃣Planks are awesome. You can add pushups to them if you’d like. Any type of plank will do _ The great thing about these four is you can add any variety as you’d like. Put them in a workout with intervals or you could do 10-15 reps with 4 sets. If you go with time do 30-40 seconds of each. This would be great for anyone. Start with the basics of bodyweight or lightweight and move on with progressions _ If you don’t know where to start leave a comment and I’d be glad to help _ 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️Who has any questions or let me know what are your big four? _ #bustostraining #abilene #abilenetx #workout

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Exercise in the Morning

Instead of sleeping in a few extra hours, go to bed earlier and wake up to exercise before work. You’ll be starting off your day in the healthiest way!

Hold Yourself Accountable

Personal trainers, friends, and family members can give you the support you need to stay accountable with your fitness goals. They may be able to help you find time in your day for working out.

Be Creative

If you can’t fit in time for the gym, try incorporating exercise in your daily routine by walking your dog, doing a workout video on YouTube, or doing squats while your watching television. You can even bike or walk to work instead of driving or take the stairs instead of the elevator.