5 Etsy Trends That You Should Welcome Into Your Home ASAP

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Etsy is one of the best sources of home décor inspiration on the market and our searches on this website perfectly reflect our obsession with new rising trends. Quite a few home décor trends emerged on Etsy this spring and these five are definitely worth trying.

Dark Wood

White furniture has had its moment and it’s now for the dark wood to take the central stage. This trend is all the rage on Etsy right now, with everyone searching for walnut desks and brown seating or furniture.


The mermaidcore craze is all about giving your home that “under the sea” vibe through the use of pearly and seashell-shaped décor pieces, from pillows to candles.

Parisian Interiors

If modern Scandi décor doesn’t do it for you, and you want your home to have an opulent feel, this trend is just the thing for you. It’s all about welcoming a Parisian vibe into your home through the use of classy wall mirrors and oil paintings.

Statement Rugs

“Rugs with personality” made it to Etsy’s top trends for the summer and they’ve been ruling the world for quite some time, ranging from shaggy to curvy rugs in all the colors of the rainbow.

Paper Lighting

Paper lighting is another Etsy trend that everyone seems to be loving right now, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a sustainable trend that’s also extremely DIY-friendly, so you can make it yourself if you’re creative enough.

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