3 Trendy Colors to Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe

When it comes to our winter wardrobes, they’re usually full of the same basics—browns, winter whites, blacks, tans, blacks, and grays. They’re pretty uninspiring and this year, it’s time to make your winter closet brighter and more vibrant. These colors are super trendy right now and they’ll transition into spring and summer beautifully.

Bubblegum Pink

It’s hard not to immediately think of Elle Woods when seeing this preppy shade of pink. Bubblegum pink falls somewhere between neon and pastel and it will pair effortlessly with the neutrals you already have in your closet. To make it more wearable for winter, wear a bubblegum pink sweater or turtleneck with neutral-colored sweatpants.


Orange has been having a major moment the past few seasons and it’s been especially popular in accessories. More recently we’ve been seeing dresses and outerwear in this bold color. Tangerine sweaters and cardigans look great paired with gray pieces.

Pale Yellow

For many, pale yellow is an easier color to transition into wardrobes as it’s much subtler than bubblegum pink and tangerine. It can pretty much be worn as a neutral and it will add some warmth and sunshine into your winter wardrobe. Pro tip—pair a pale yellow sweater with a pair of light denim.