3 DIY Crafts For Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is officially over, the next holiday we have to look forward to is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we love everything from the delicious, juicy turkey and sweet pumpkin pie to seeing all of our loved ones at one family gathering.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, why not make it extra special with these simple, but amazing DIY crafts?

Fall Mason Jar Candle Holder

Who doesn’t love the color of fall leaves and mason jars? This DIY combines to of our favorite things and leaves are a great craft item because they are free and they can be found everywhere in fall.

These jars make great centerpieces and they bring light to any Thanksgiving table.

Fall Wine Bootles

Chances are that during the holiday seasons you will be drinking lots of wine and therefore you have wine bottles lying around the house. This is a great use for those extra bottles; you can get as creative as you want with them. All you need to get is yarn and stencils, which you probably already have.

Leaf Mug

There are so many fall beverages to enjoy this season, our favorites are Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Hot Chocolate, so why not enjoy them in this DIY mug? Plus, you can end your meal by serving your guests tea or coffee in these mugs, which is sure to impress them!