You Have to Try These Craft Trends in 2021

We’re just a bit over a week from 2020 being over and entering into 2020, it’s time to explore new hobbies. This year crafts have become super popular and going into the next year, these are the ones everyone will be doing. Are you reading to get your arts and crafts on?

Candle Making

Why buy a candle when you can make one? Candle making kits allow you to customize your own candle, so you can get the color and smell you like.

Acrylic Paint Pours

This visually stimulating design is achieved by mixing acrylic paint with a pouring medium and then pouring it onto a flat surface. Get ready to make paint furniture, canvases, and phone cases.

Paint By Numbers Kits

The craft we enjoyed as kids has gotten an adult upgrade with tons of designs and patterns to choose from. When you’re finished, hang the masterpieces on your wall.

Shibori Dyeing Textiles

This more subtle form of tie-dye involves folding, twisting, and binding fabric and then dipping it in dye. You can make hoodies, scarves, napkins, blankets, and shirts with Shibori dyeing.

Embroidery Kits

Scrolling through Instagram everyone has been creating embroideries and the best part is that you don’t have to be an embroidery artist to make intricate wall hanging and throw pillows. There’s a kit out there for all skill sets.

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