Wonderful Ceiling Designs For A Modern Home

There is one part of the room that doesn’t have to be basic, in spite of the general opinion. Bringing a little interior design magic to the ceilings in your home can take you a long way. Check out the ceiling designs below to see what I mean.

Gold Vibes

If you are not completely sure that a structured ceiling is the thing that you want, you can always try it with only a part of the ceiling. Leave the rest of it as it is. This way if you end up hating it, you can go back to basic easily.

Judiciously selected elements create a dining space the straddles the line between minimalism and opulence. The perforated screen is actually pivoted wooden doors that modulate that volume of the dining and adjacent informal living space, as per requirements of privacy. While the doors, along with the hand carved panel above the sideboard, lend a pleasing textural play to the space, the hero, undoubtedly, is the stunning hand-dressed wooden ceiling whose undulations are highlighted by subtle cove lighting. A dining table from 1920 RIVA and dining chairs from TEAM7 complete the stylish picture. #hiraljobaliastudiointeriors  #interior #linteriordesign #indiandesign #indianarchitect #indiadesignworld #smwindia #indianhomes #villadesign #diningspace #pivotdoors #yellow #informallivingspace #screendoors #diningtable #1920RIVA #elegant #TEAM7 #privatespaces #rich #home #modern #contemporary #highend #covelights #diningchair #residence #ceilingdesign #woodenceiling #mumbai Photocreditts: @prashant_bhat_photography

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White & Statement

White is the ceiling color that most people choose. A lot of us are scared to go for bolder shades, so we stick to the familiar one. If you are all about white but want to add some edge, this is the perfect way to do it.

Modern Mood

It doesn’t get any cooler than this. It is the king of all ceiling designs, and an amazing way to make your room special. The color doesn’t have to be as dark.

Reinventing what drop-ceilings should be like, MNML’s acoustic tile design for TURF comes with rare earth magnets that simply snap to the drop-ceiling grid framework without fasteners or hardware of any kind, but it’s really the design of these tiles we’re more intrigued by. Exploring tesselations and patterns that range from geometric to organic, the acoustic tiles for TURF bring a sense of dynamism that one usually doesn’t see much in ceilings. Completely redefining the space, the TURF’s ceiling tiles absolutely reinvent your interior space without altering the space or changing anything that’s at or below eye-level (furniture, etc), turning a regular cuboidal space into something truly awe-inspiring. – Besides, it really does encourage you to look upwards and daydream for a bit, doesn’t it?! – Designer: MNML (@mnml_dsgn) for TURF (@turf.design) – For product innovation follow us @yankodesign (234K+)

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Colorful & Simple

Colorful ceiling designs can really transform your room for the better. As you can see from the picture above, even darker shades look amazing if you know the right way to pull them off.


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