Why You Should Consider Living In a Shipping Container Home!

As one of the most difficult and costly decisions you will ever make, there are a number of criteria that will need to be met when searching for your dream home. Such requirements include choosing the right neighborhood, selecting a house of the right size and meeting your budget in the process.

One rising trend in the housing market is the purchase of homes made out of shipping containers. These homes are able to meet all of your housing requirements while saving you tons of money! By getting hold of some insulated shipping containers, you could design your own easily-customizable home that proves to be far more affordable than traditional homes. Here is why you should consider investing in a shipping container home in the future.

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Shipping Container Homes Are Extremely Affordable

Business Insider reported that the average cost of purchasing a home in the United States is $243,000, with much room for price variation. In areas with high costs of living, such as Hawaii and California, the average home can cost around $636,451 and $554,886 respectively. With shipping containers, on the other hand, such steep expenses are not an issue.

The cost of making a home out of converted shipping containers is relatively cheap, with a 20-foot by 8-foot container being available for around $2,800 according to Quicken Loans. 360 Mobile Office listed containers for the unbeatable price of just $1,400!

At such low prices, constructing a home out of shipping containers is an economically feasible feat- even for those with a large family! For example, if you decided to purchase five containers to suit your family’s needs, this will cost you around $14,000 in total- far less than a traditional home!

While shipping containers may need to be converted from their current state into a functional home, this is not an impossibly exorbitant project. According to 360 Mobile Office, the construction costs for transforming a shipping container into a home can be in the range of $10,000.

While this may cost a significantly higher sum, you could build a shipping container home that looks more like a traditional home if you’re willing to plan for a budget in the region of $150,000 to $175,000. This is still far cheaper than the cost of a traditional house!

Shipping Containers Are Freely Customizable

Sure, a traditional home can be remodeled and customized, but this is a costly task that can only be achieved to a limited extent. A home comprised of shipping containers, however, can be remodeled for a much lower cost with more room for creativity.

While the layout of a shipping container home can be altered, you needn’t concern yourself over the structural strength of the home. After all, shipping containers are made from steel, making them durable, sturdy and super strong while remaining cost-efficient!

With shipping containers, design possibilities are endless. You can choose to improve your home’s insulation by adding insulated shipping containers or even build rooms using multiple containers. Each shipping container is a blank slate, allowing you to decide where to install the air conditioning, electrical setup and, of course, the plumbing.

Buying and Building a Shipping Container Home is Faster and Easier

The process of finding and purchasing a home is enough to leave anyone with exhaustion and stress. Not only is it incredibly costly, but there are plenty of smaller details to take care of, not limited to the realtor fees, purchase fees, inspections, and more. Fortunately, by choosing to build a shipping container home, you can wave goodbye to a number of these strenuous tasks.

Shipping container homes are cheaper, easier, and quicker to build, not to mention sturdy and reliable! The process of building a shipping container home is smooth- you can even purchase shipping containers online! Try doing an online search using keywords such as Converted Storage Containers Near Me or Converted Insulated Storage Container Near Me in order to find reliable search results. By conducting an online search, you can find shipping containers of different shapes and sizes all from the comfort of your own home!

Not only can you find shipping containers that are already converted into homes online, but you can also find bare shipping containers that you can tailor according to your vision. Start by taking some time to learn about the construction process. From there, you can select the right shipping containers, set your budget, and begin construction. You can design your shipping container home from the ground up according to your every desire!

According to 360 Mobile Office, the construction time for a shipping container home is 30 percent faster than that of a traditional home. So, what are you waiting for? Do your research and start the construction process for your dream home today!

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