Tropical Prints for the Island House Vibe

Prints help give the interior of our homes a burst of flavor and tropical vibe, while Monstera plants look great in a home and give it that island feeling.

Another great alternative to getting more plants is to incorporate more tropical prints into home decor. Perhaps a cushion, or even a poster or maybe the bedsheets would look great with a tropical print.

This style isn’t just for clothing, it can be for daily house objects too. Here are a few ways in which this look works.

Monstera Wallpaper

Monstera leaves are a classic tropical look that is making waves on social media and even in tattoo designs. We’re digging the colors in this painted wall and the plump leaves in varying shades of green. It makes us feel like we’re on an island sipping coconut water by the shore.

Palm Tree Cushions

Adding some palm tree prints, flowers or even plants to your typical pillowcases can make you feel like you’re resting your head on a hammock. The style is inviting and soft and can go with almost any interior decoration because of the subdued pastel colors.