Tips For Starting a Book Club

If you want to start reading more and connect with people in the process, a book club is the perfect activity for you. Starting your very own book club can be stressful, but with these tips, you can get one going and you’ll be reading in no time.

Find Members

Book clubs don’t need a ton of members; small groups foster better conversation. To find members ask a couple of your close friends to invite their friends or you can post flyers, make a group on Facebook, or start a Meetup group.

Pick a Meeting Place

There are a ton of options for the space to have your meeting. You can hold a book club at your house, at a library, at a bar or restaurant, or at church.

Choose Your First Book

Choosing your first book is always hard as you want something that appeals to many people and that will generate discussion. Books with open endings are always a great choice.

Prepare Topics and Questions

Before the meeting, make a list of questions and topics to help guide the discussion in case it starts going off track. You don’t have to stick to these points, but they are good places to start. If you don’t know where to begin, try looking up a list from the publisher or online discussions on the book.

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