Things to Stay Away From if You Want White Teeth

Image by Helena Lopes/Stocksnap

Having a white and shiny smile is definitely not easy. One of the sacrifices you have to make is staying away from your favorite foods and drinks. Take a look at all the things you should avoid if you want to have white teeth.


Berries might be your favorite fruits, but they sure do stain teeth. Strawberries are considered to help with teeth whitening, so they are the safest option.


Curry is so delicious, but unfortunately, it can stain your teeth. It doesn’t mean that you have to completely forget about curry, but if you want to have white teeth you have to limit the intake. With long-term use, it can cause a yellow discoloration that has to be removed by a professional.

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Lemons and all other citric fruits will not only cause discoloration to your teeth, but they can easily damage the dental substances. These fruits contain acids which are not the best thing you want your teeth exposed to. It’s completely fine if you eat citric fruits from time to time, but if it’s a constant habit, you should definitely pay attention to it.


Wine might be your favorite drink to sip on, but here’s some bad news. It can cause serious discolorations to teeth.


Bubbly drinks are definitely you want to avoid if you want to have a white pearly smile. Instead opt for water, which is always the best way to hydrate.

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