The latest Instagram-worthy hair trend

Image via hairby.elinah/Instagram

Some of the hairstyles that hit Instagram are just plain awful. But this is one idea that is absolutely beautiful, and definitely Instagram-worthy.

The hair has first been bleached, except for the roots, and then a wash of fashion color pink has been applied to the lighter hair.

The result is an exquisite candy floss pink that’s the stuff of little girls’ dreams. And pulling the hair into an up-do is even more flattering. Here’s how to create this do.

First, you need to create the roses. Begin with a small braid made up of 3 strands. Roll it up to act as the central portion of the style. Then, alternate between Dutch fishtails and ordinary fishtales to create the depth of the style.

Finally, to create the impression of a rose in bloom, pull a 3-strand braid out on the outer side. If you’ve got the time to create this delicious up-do yourself, do try. Otherwise, take these instructions to your hair stylist.

It would also look gorgeous in any of the candy fashion colors out there, such as rose gold, pale purple, and pale blue. Ask your stylist about other colors.